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Advanced Master in Food Science and Technology - ALIT2MC

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The Advanced inter-university Master in Food Science and Technology is a one year course with a focus. The main objective of the training is to enable students to acquire a level of knowledge, as well as in-depth ability and expertise in research in the field of the science and technology of food designed for human consumption.
This advanced training should enable graduates of this course to take on significant professional responsibilities both in basic research as well as in different sectors of applied research in the agri-food area.

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The training comprises 60 credits worth of activities spread over an academic year and held inthe two partner institutions.

The main components are :

  • three basic courses in the fields of food chemistry, food microbiology and nutrition ;
  • a group of special courses which have been added to the programme with the aim of developing an advanced level of knowledge in the different areas, especially food technology and quality control;
  • individual research carried out in a university laboratory provide students with in-depth experience of research ;
  • production and public presentation of research with the aim of familiarizing all students with scientific communication.


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This programme may only be taken after gaining a first Master’s degree for 2nd cycle studies worth at least 300 credits. It may lead to doctoral training.
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