Academic partners and research groups

The FOOD4GUT project allows the collaboration between 10 academic partners from 3 belgian universities.

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Université catholique de Louvain     UCL Public Banner

Metabolism and Nutrition group (MNUT) (MNUT)

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Professor Nathalie Delzenne, from Metabolism and Nutrition group (MNUT) is the FOOD4GUT projet promotor. This group involved in the Louvain Drug Research Institute (UCL) works on nutrients targeting the gut microbiota, such as carbohydrates which escape the digestion and which are largely fermented in the colon by specific bacteria -called prebiotics- as well as to understand the molecular mechanisms linking gut microbes to the host metabolism. The development of functional food targeting the gut appears as an interesting way to modulate key metabolic functions in the body, in order to improve health and well-being.

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition group (EDIN, Cliniques Saint Luc)

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The research activities of Prof. Dr Jean Paul thissen and his team focuses on the link between nutrients and hormones and their roles in the modulation of skeletal muscle mass and muscle metabolism.

Psychological Sciences Research Institute (IPSY) 

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The Psychological Sciences Research Institute is involved in this project through two research centers: the "Center for Health and Psychological Development" and the "Center for the Study of Social Behavior" (CECOS). An important project of Professor Olivier Luminet's team concerns the detection of neurocognitive deficits in obese patients.

Earth and Life Institute – Agronomy (ELIA) 

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The Earth and Life Institute-Agronomy group (ELIA) supervised by Professor Philippe Baret works on the management of genetic diversity and innovation processes in food systems. They collaborate with sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists and lawyers. In this project, a part of the research will be provided by the team of Professor Olivier De Schutter, Professor of Law at UCL.

Université Libre de Bruxelles  logo ULB

Immunobiology Laboratory (IMMUNOBIO) 

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The Immunobiology Laboratory (IMMUNOBIO) of FNRS Research Director Muriel Moser is interested in fundamental immunology, a discipline at the heart of several advanced molecular biology techniques and many medical problems: vaccination, organ transplantation, treatment cancer, autoimmune diseases, inflammation and allergy. The team seeks to identify factors that may induce, strengthen, limit or inhibit the immune response.

Experimental Medicine and endocrinology Divison from ERASME Hospital (ERASME)

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Prof. Dr Miriam Cnop and her team highlighted, thanks to the development of specific in vivo models, that insufficient secretion of insulin by the beta cells is the main contributor to the loss of glucose tolerance. Dr. Cnop and her team will now contribute to the FOOD4GUT project with a goal of innovative and exploratory research, for analyzing the link between colonic nutrients, microbiota and pancreatic beta cells. Dr Cnop will also play an important role in the recruitment and the intervention protocole in obese patients .

Faculty of Psychological Sciences and Education from ULB (PSYULB)

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This project involves two research centers of the Faculty of Psychological Sciences and Education of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (PSYULB): the Research Center Cognition & Neurosciences (CRCN) (Prof. A. Cleeremans) and the Center de Research in Social and Intercultural Psychology (CRPSI) (Prof. O. Klein). The Research Center in Social and Intercultural Psychology has developed expertise in various fields related to social psychology, including in particular; environmental influences on food consumption. The Cognition & Neuroscience Research Center develops a main expertise in the study of cognitive functions in humans.

Université de Liège    logo Ulg

Laboratory of Diabetology, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases (LDNM, Hopital Universitaire de Liège)

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The team of Prof. Dr Nicolas Paquot is specialized in the human clinical studies in the field of nutrition and metabolic diseases.

Laboratory in Socio-Economics, Environment and Development (SEED)

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The laboratory of Prof. P. Stassart is an interdisciplinary group specialized in sociology and focused on the theme of life management which - in its different forms and at different scales, from the organism to the ecosystem and the people - has become problematic.

Zootechny Unit (ZT)

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The group of Prof. Jérôme bindelle (ZT, Université de Liège) will be associated to the Unit of Industrial and Biological chemistry (CBI-A Richel) for works involved in the project. The work of the ZT laboratory is oriented towards the physiology of digestion, microbiology, histology and immunity of the digestive tract, nutrition in animal and human , based on animal models using in vitro and in vivo techniques. in vivo et in vitro.