43rd Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation

The brain–gut–microbiome network in metabolic regulation and dysregulation

10-13 October 2018, Mont Ste Odile, France.


Nathalie  Delzenne, Professor, President of Louvain Drug Research Institute, B-1200 Brussels, Belgium

Pierre De Meyts, Invited Professor, de Duve Institute, B-1200 Brussels, Belgium.

Scientific committee:

Jacques E. Dumont, President (Belgium)
David Carling (UK)
Pierre De Meyts (Belgium) 
Veit Flockerzi (Germany) 
Adriana Maggi (Italy) 
Stefan Offermans (Germany) 
Bernard Payrastre (France) 
Jean-Philippe Pin (France) 
Stephane Schurmans (Belgium) 
Maria Sibilia (Austria)

ESE represenatives

Anna-Maria Andersson (Denmark)
Justo Castaño (Spain) 

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