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Welcome to  FaceTales !

FaceTales is a training program to improve facial expression decoding skills.

It has been specially designed to improve the sensitivity of psychotherapists and social workers to nonverbal behaviour.

Through diverse tasks of increasing difficulties, you will be presented to different types of facial expressions and you will have to identify the emotion portrayed. At the end of each task, you can see your score and if you can reach the upper level.

FaceTales is being developed by Pierre Philippot (University of Louvain, Belgium) and Mike Power (University of Edinburg, United Kingdom), with the technical support of Pierre Mahau (University of Louvain). It is based on the facial expression stimuli set developed by Beaupré and Hess (2005).

FaceTales is a training companion of the book "Emotion-focused cognitive therapy", written by Mike Power and edited by Wiley-Blackwell in 2010.

FaceTales can be used freely for training and teaching purposes in non profit settings. It can NOT be used for any profit purposes.

Enjoy FaceTales !


Updated : 25/02/2011 - Pierre Mahau