MUSICS: Graduate School on MUltimedia, SIlicon, Communications, Security : Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Graduate School on MUltimedia, SIlicon, Communications, Security: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Scientific objectives

The scientific objectives of the Graduate School MUSICS relate to the fields of electricity, electronics and information technology. The scientific objectives can be summarized as the necessary "tools, methods, algorithms, circuits, devices and technologies that are used to acquire, treat, analyze, protect, transmit or store signals and information, as well as the production, transport and transformation of electric energy".

In more detail, the School covers the following topics:

  • Multimedia communication and information security
  • Cryptography and security
  • Signal processing, applied to speech, sound, images and video
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Signal and data analysis
  • Applied acoustics
  • Nanoelectronics and advanced electronic circuits, systems and devices
  • Reconfigurable systems (FPGA), microprocessor and advanced computer architecture design
  • Design and architecture optimization of digital communication systems
  • Electronics and micro-electronics
  • Electromagnetics applied to microwaves: antennas, fields and characterization of complex environments
  • Photonic communications, networks and sensors
  • Wireless and wirebound communication systems
  • Information theory
  • Estimation and detection
  • Characterization and modeling of wireless channels
  • Electronic and electromechanical energy conversion
  • The dynamics, stability and control of electric power systems
  • The control, safety and optimization of the operation of wide-area electric power networks
  • The electrical and mechanical behavior (including thermics, aerodynamics, etc...) of the components of electric power grid systems
  • The measurement, control, protection and transmission of data related to electric power supply networks (including electromagnetic compatibility issues)
  • Numerical modeling of electromagnetic systems with multi physical couplings (mechanics, thermics...)
  • Applications of power electronics
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