#AltissiaChair #ChrisTanasescu ed. Literature and/as (the) Digital

Special issue (Vol. 25) of

Interférences litteraires/literaire interferenties


Literature and/as (the) Digital

guest edited by Chris Tanasescu


Literature and/as (the) Digital. An Introduction

Chris Tanasescu

Writing like a Machine or Becoming an Algorithmic Subject

Johanna Drucker

Applying Poetic Media in the Digital Humanities

Christoper Funkhouser

Pour une redéfinition pornographique du champ littéraire. Une exploration des marges de la littérature numérique avec les travailleuses du texte

Servanne Monjour, Marcello Vitali-Rosati

Close Listening and Synesthetic Reading Across Multiple Poetry Archives: Tracking the Performative Afterlives of a Poem

James Lee, Ankit Basnet, Holly Virginia Clark, Michael Hennessey, Arlene Johnson, Wendy Burk, Nidhi Mavani

Performative poetry as program, programmed poetry as performance

Rui Torres, Sandra Guerreiro Dias

Why #WomenTechLit? Because…

Maria Mencia

On an Unknown Ancestor of Burrows’ Delta Measure

Petr Plecháč

Thresholds to the “Great Unread”: Titling Practices in Eleven ELTeC Collections

Roxana Patras, Carolin Odebrecht, Ioana Galleron, Rosario Arias, Berenike J. Herrmann, Cvetana Krstev, Katja Mihurko Poniž, Dmytro Yesypenko

Hard Nut to Crack: Automatic Idiom Detection

Anna Feldman

Distant and Close Reading in Literature: a case of networks in Periodical Studies

Julie M. Birkholz, Leah Budke

#GraphPoem: Automatic Classification of Rhyme and Diction in Poetry

Vaibhav Kesarwani, Diana Inkpen, Chris Tanasescu

Vagueness Machines: Computational Indeterminacy in the Work of Jen Bervin and Nick Montfort

Andrew Klobucar

Poésies performatives à l’épreuve de la spatialité: la résidence d’écriture numérique

Carole Bisenius-Penin, Karen Cayrat

La littérature numérique, ce « jeu d’écriture à ciel ouvert »

Corentin Lahouste

Depending or Transgressing? Kinetic Writing that Belongs and Breaks Away

Álvaro Seiça


Un atlas des zones blanches. Un monde sans rivage, d’Hélène Gaudy

Manon Delcour


« Et à la fin on avait un seul texte ». Écriture poétique, ateliers et livres numériques. Entretien avec Nicolas Tardy

Nicolas Tardy, Anne Reverseau

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Altissia Chair @ Digital Humanities Virtual Discussion Group (KBR, UGhent, KUL Libraries)

We are looking forward to continuing these discussions in our upcoming session on Thursday 22 April from 15-16h30h on Zoom. You will receive a separate email the day of the session with the link to the session.

For this April session, we will discuss text analysis with two “Under the Hood” sessions by Margherita Fantoli and Chris Tanasescu. Please note it is not required that you do any of the readings, these are just recommendations that will structure and stimulate the discussion on the day. 

Should you want to do even further reading there is a review of born digital archives and quantitative text analysis from the perspective of history in the following article: Romein, C. A., Kemman, M., Birkholz, J. M., Baker, J., De Gruijter, M., Meroño Peñuela, A., Ries, T. & Scagliola, S. (2020). State of the field: digital history. History, 105(365), 291-312.

This session will include a coffee break component in smaller breakout groups, followed by the two presentations of 15 minutes in length and two separate breakout rooms to discuss the two presentations in greater depth. The coffee break is a great opportunity to meet some other researchers working in and around DH, as well as to share your own work. Come prepared by getting some links to your social media details and any projects you think the group might be interested in exploring (or that you would like some feedback on!)

If you know of other colleagues who would benefit from participating in our discussions, please ask them to register here  as soon as possible

Please let us know by responding to this email (julie.birkholz@ugent.be) if you have any further questions. 

We are looking forward to seeing you online on Thursday 22 April at 15h!

Best wishes,

Julie & Merisa

Assistant Professor Julie M. Birkholz, Ghent University and KBR

Merisa Martinez, KU Leuven Libraries

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