DHSI 2022

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We are thrilled to be hosting DHSI 2022—Online Edition (June 6-10) this year, which will consist of several aligned conferences & events, institute lectures, and workshops. This page is dedicated to the virtual aligned conferences & events:

Conferences will consist of pre-recorded video presentations available to registered participants and some combination of 2-hour Zoom and Twitter discussions during the week of DHSI. A few days before the scheduled discussion, registered participants will gain access to the password-protected presentations and will have a chance to prepare questions and comments. During the scheduled time, presenters will engage in a Zoom and/or Twitter Q&A and discussion. Please see the below descriptions for further details.

To register for aligned conferences & events, online workshops, and/or institute lectures, please complete the form available at the following link: https://events.eply.com/dhsi-2022-online-edition-registration.

Click here to view the at-a-glance schedule of live sessions for the aligned conferences & events.


Event chair: Chris Tanasescu (UCLouvain)

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm PDT Friday, 10 June

All those connected to DHSI and its 2022 edition are invited to be part of the EPoetry event #GraphPoem by MARGENTO by contributing text files or weblinks to a collectively assembled dataset and/or run a script plotting the latter into a real-time evolving network.

The Graph Poem is an ongoing transnational project combining natural language processing and graph theory-based approaches to poetry, with academicDH-literary, and performative outputs.

When DHSI registration opens, participants will be able to sign up for GraphPoem and will receive an account giving them access to the data and the code.

#GraphPoem will have two main components viewable to anybody accessing the following online venues at the time of the event: a livestreamed performance on Margento’s Facebook page and the bot @GraphPoem tweeting text-nodes selected from the evolving graph by a network analysis algorithm and fed into the performance.

To register for DHSI 2022—Online Edition, please complete this form.

DHSI 2022—Online Edition: Workshops

We are thrilled to be hosting DHSI 2022—Online Edition (June 6–10) this year, which will consist of several aligned conferences, institute lectures, and workshops. This page is dedicated to the online workshops.

Online workshop offerings are listed below, which include both synchronous and asynchronous options. Instructor(s) will be in touch with registrants to provide access details for asynchronous materials, details about live workshop sessions(s), and other participation details as DHSI approaches.

Proposed meeting times are approximate and subject to confirmation by instructors at a later time.

More info: https://dhsi.org/dhsi-2022-online-edition/.

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