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19 credits
Customized schedule - In French
Programme acronym: DRDI2FC
Dissertation/Graduation Project : NO
Internship : NO
Activities in English: YES
Activities in other languages : NO
Activities on other sites : YES


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The next edition of the certificate will take place from February 2023.
This program (minimum 90 hours) aims to train professionals in the legal aspects of the digital transformation of the economy and society.


The certificate modules allow you to:

  • 1. better understand the legal framework around innovation and digital technology, with a focus on practical issues;
  • 2. broaden your knowledge base to critically address the issues raised by new technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data).

This program includes:

  • an analysis of the legal issues raised by the phenomenon of digital transformation in context and based on case studies
  • learning risk management in the face of the deployment of these new tools;
  • as well as the opportunity to reflect on the digital transformation of society and the economy and the risks it raises (e.g., mass surveillance).


Program strengths

  • Training condensed in the duration (5 months).
  • Experts, with a well-established professional credentials.
  • A transversal program that focuses on various branches of law.
  • A modular training: you can choose your courses and dedicated seminars, according to your profile and interests. You also have the option of taking certain courses in English. Access (free of charge) to the latest seminars and conferences organized by the two faculties can also be offered to participants.

Context: the digital transformation

The digital transformation of the economy, society and the public space is accelerating. Technologies based on massive data processing and AI are increasingly available.

As a result, lawyers and other professionals must now master new digital tools.  They must also stay up to date with legal developments related to the innovation and deployment of these tools.
Moreover, digital technology is at the heart of European policies and programs. Legislative initiatives are multiplying: the Digital Markets Act, the Digital Services Act, the AI Act, the Data Act, and the very recent AI Liability Directive are just a few examples.

Thus, the protection of innovations, the control or sharing of data, cybersecurity, the regulation of digital platforms, the responsibility for the use of artificial intelligence systems, etc. have been the subject of a multitude of legislative and jurisprudential developments over the last few years (especially at the European level) that make an update of knowledge welcome.

Lawyers and other professionals in R&D, marketing or communication, must today be aware of the new rules and good practices that will impact their jobs. This is what our Certificate offers to help with.



Your profile

The program is open to all those who have an interest in the topics covered and wish to deepen their knowledge and understand the practical impact of legal rules.

It is aimed in particular at the professional profiles listed below, but other backgrounds and aspirations may justify enrolling in the program as well.

  • Counsel
  • Lawyer
  • Researcher
  • Communicator
  • Marketing manager
  • Community manager
  • Management engineer
  • IT professional
  • Business manager
  • Etc.   


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