Development: Poverty and Institutions (site UNamur - EN) [15.0]

This option consists of three courses. Overall the focus is on the microeconomic analysis of central aspects of the dynamics of development in low income countries in particular: the questions of poverty and inequality; market imperfections; state failures; the role of institutions including family and collective structures; population dynamics and environmental transformations. The theoretical approach is combined with numerous applications, exercises and case studies. Learning outcomes comprise appropriate skills to analyze and design realistic and innovative solutions for various development challenges.

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Obligatoire LECON2821 Population, Environment and Governance - UNamur   30h  5 crédits q1 x x
Obligatoire LECON2822 Development and Institutions: Economic Approaches - UNamur (Cassan G)   30h  5 crédits q1 x x
Obligatoire LECON2825 Poverty and Livelihood Strategies (UNamur - C Guirkinger)   30h  5 crédits q1 x x