List of available minors

Students are encouraged to expand their intellectual and professional horizons by choosing a minor of 30 credits from the list below. Access to certain minors (*) require that prerequisites are respected.

They will distribute the 30 credits of the minor in such a way as to total, with the activities of the major, the 60 credits of their annual programme.

The study adviser, Fiorella Flamini, is available to students seeking advice on their choice of minor.

> Minor in Law (access)
> Minor in German Studies (*)
> Minor in English Studies (*)
> Minor in Antiquity: Egypt, Eastern World, Greece, Rome
> Minor in Urban Architecture
> Minor in History of Art and Archeology
> Minor in Chinese studies
> Minor in Information and Communication (*)
> Minor in Criminology
> Minor in Culture and Creation
> Minor in Scientific Culture
> Minor in Development and Environment
> Minor in Sustainable Development (*)
> Minor in European Studies
> Minor in French Studies (*)
> Minor in Gender Studies
> Minor in Mangement (basic knowledge)
> Minor in Spanish Studies (*)
> Minor in Human and Social Sciences
> Minor in Arabic language and Islamic civilization
> Minor in Philosophy
> Minor in Italian Studies (*)
> Minor in Linguistics
> Minor in Literary Studies
> Minor in Medieval Studies
> Minor in entrepreneurship (*)
> Minor in Musicology
> Minor in Dutch Studies (*)
> Minor in Law (openness)
> Minor in Economics (open)
> Minor in Oriental Studies
> Mineure en statistique et science des données
> Minor in Sciences of Religions (openness)
> Minor in Sociology and Anthropology
> Minor in Population and Development Studies
> Minor in Political Sciences
> Minor in numerical technologies and society
> Minor in Christian Theology

(*) This programme is the subject of access criteria