The evaluation methods comply with the regulations concerning studies and exams (https://uclouvain.be/fr/decouvrir/rgee.html). More detailed explanation of the modalities specific to each learning unit are available on their description sheets under the heading “Learning outcomes evaluation method”.

The course content and activities are evaluated in accordance with the prevailing rules and regulations of the University (c.f. exam reglementation). Exams are organized at the end of the session periods (January, June) as well as in September.

In accordance with the learning outcomes of the Bachelor’s programme :
- theoritical knowledge is evaluated mainly by indivual written exams including mainly multiple choice questions (MCQ) or open-ended questions requiring short or long answers.
- the practical tasks and work experience are likewise evaluated in the form of ongoing evaluation during the 2nd and 3rd years of the Bachelor.

Hence, at the end of the Bachelor programme, the students will have to prove that they have acquired all the scientific, medical, human and technical skills needed to deal with the real life clinical situations (during their Master’s degree).