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Mandatory Optional
Course not taught in 2020-2021 Periodic course not taught in 2020-2021
Periodic course taught in 2020-2021 Activity with prerequisites
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Mandatory Content:
Mandatory Medical training (from understanding cellular processes to studying physiological and psychological processes of the human body)
Mandatory WDENT1210 Head and neck anatomy and embryology   Catherine Behets Wydemans (coord.)
, Fadel Tissir
30h+24h  4 credits q1
Mandatory WDENT1213 Histologie des systèmes   Christophe Pierreux
, Selena Toma
15h+15h  3 credits q1
Mandatory WDENT1204 Biologie cellulaire et moléculaire   Stefan Constantinescu (coord.)
, Christophe Pierreux
, Donatienne Tyteca
20h  2 credits q1
Mandatory WFARM1212T Eléments de physiologie générale   15h  2 credits q1
Mandatory WDENT1254 Physiologie et sémiologie bucco-dentaires   Gaëtane Leloup (coord.)
, Julian Leprince
30h  4 credits q1
Mandatory WFARM1282T Microbiologie générale (partim théorie)   Thomas Michiels
20h  2 credits q1
Mandatory WDENT1211 Neurosciences : neuroanatomy and neurophysiology   Aleksandar Jankovski
45h+10h  6 credits q2
Mandatory WDENT1255 Biochimie humaine   Guido Bommer
, Jean-François Collet
, Frédéric Lemaigre (coord.)
, Mark Rider
30h  3 credits q1
Mandatory WDENT1260 Physiologie humaine   Sonia Brichard
, Sophie Pierard
45h+15h  6 credits q2
Mandatory WMDS1237D Pharmacologie générale (partim sciences dentaires)   Emmanuel Hermans (coord.)
, Dominique Lison
, Pierre Wallemacq
20h  2 credits q1
Mandatory Training in dentistry (examining oral tissues, their physiology and pathologies, and healthcare techniques and biomaterials used)
Mandatory WDENT1284 Prothèse amovible 1ère partie   Véronique Brogniez (coord.)
, Caroline Gillard
25h+30h  4 credits q2
Mandatory WDENT1285 Gnathologie : Occlusion   Magali Dewaele (coord.)
, Laurent Pitance
15h  2 credits q2
Mandatory WDENT1242 Matériaux dentaires : concepts et analyse critique   Gaëtane Leloup
, Julian Leprince
, Luc Randolph
40h+15h  5 credits q2
Mandatory WDENT1244 Prévention dentaire   Andrej Djurkin
, Selena Toma (coord.)
15h  2 credits q2
Mandatory WDENT1222 Prothèse inamovible (1re partie)   Chloé Hardy
20h  2 credits q2
Mandatory WDENT1225 Laboratoire de dentisterie restauratrice et prothétique (1re partie)   Chloé Hardy
, Séverine Mateu-Ramis (coord.)
10h+110h  4 credits q1+q2
Mandatory Professional training by practising dentistry in society
Mandatory LANGL1856 Medical English for Dentistry students   Aurélie Deneumoustier (coord.)
60h  5 credits q1+q2
Mandatory Clinical observations
Mandatory WDENT1243 Stage d'observation et projet professionnel (B)   Gaëtane Leloup (coord.)
5h+100h  2 credits q1+q2