Programme structure

math1ba  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

The programme leading to the Bachelor in Mathematics is composed of 180 credits spread over three years of study and organised as follows:

  • a general education, called the major, of 150 credits;
  • a minor of 30 credits.

The major includes the following subjects:

  • disciplinary courses: analysis, algebra, geometry;
  • courses in closely related disciplines: physics, mechanics, computing and numerical analysis, probability and statistics;
  • seminar on mathematical current events and on physics in the first year, review work in the third year;
  • introductory courses (one course to be chosen): biology, chemistry, earth sciences, economics;
  • human sciences (philosophy and religious studies) and languages.

The first-year programme (60 credits in the major) is identical to that for the first year of Bachelor in Physics. At the end of the first year, there is automatic authorisation for transfer to the Bachelor in Physical Sciences.

In the second and third years, students complete their major programme (50 credits in the second year and 40 credits in the third) either with the additional module minor in mathematics or with another minor to which they have access, chosen on the basis of a project developed in conjunction with their study adviser.

Students who have a degree with more than three years of study, and especially those with a teacher training certificate (upper secondary education), may request personalised admission so as to benefit from a reduced programme. Their programme will be established in conjunction with the study adviser on the basis of the skills the student has already acquired.