Teaching method

math1ba  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

Whenever possible, teachers in the School of Mathematics give priority to close supervision: small-group work, individual tuition, rapid and personalised feedback on activities, active participation of students in the School’s teaching decisions. All the courses in the programme contribute to the acquisition of skills such as the capacity for abstract thinking and for reasoning. Other skills (aptitude for communication, independent learning, document research) are especially exercised in the third-year review work.

In the first year, tutorial sessions allow those students who wish to do so to take stock of topics considered in the course in a personalised way with the help of teachers. The Faculty also holds sessions on the issue of working methods as well as on ways of approaching different subjects and on time management.

For the three years, exercise sessions and laboratory sessions are held in small groups accompanied by assistants. Individual and/or group work is expected for some activities, especially in the third-year review work, with the help of assistants or teachers. Internet sites (the iCampus platform) are linked to most courses: they contain useful information as well as syllabi and other documents vital for students’ work.