Learning outcomes

comu2m1  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

The 60 credit Master in Information and Communication provides a special kind of training which is in demand at the professional level. In parallel with the requirement for specialists in information and communication, there is also a clear need for people with qualifications in other subject areas but with information and communication training. This programme is therefore designed to introduce students to the theories and methods of information and communication sciences and to help them to acquire special skills whilst also building on their previous experience.
To this end there are four options : Media, Culture and Education,  Public Relations and Communication in Organizations, the Louvain School of Journalism and Multimedia.
This programme is open to holders of any 120 credit Master (apart from the Master in Information and Communication) or of any degree (except Information and Communication) from a Belgian university who wish to build on what they have already studied.

It is also open to students who are Bachelors in Information and Communication.