Supplementary classes

stic2m  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

To enrol for this Masters, the student must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, they must add preparatory modules to their Master’s programme.

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Optionnal LFIAL1156 Computer Applications in the Humanities   Aurore François
15h+15h  3 credits 1q
Optionnal LFIAL1430 Critical Examination of Information and Critical Thinking   Jean Leclercq
, Laurence Van Ypersele
45h+10h  4 credits 2q
Optionnal LHIST1320 Quantitative methods in studying history   Aurore François
22.5h  3 credits 1q
Optionnal LHIST1140 General heuristics   Paul Bertrand
22.5h+15h  6 credits 1q
Optionnal LFIAL1530 Introduction to Language Science   Philippe Hambye
, Philippe Hambye (compensates Anne-Catherine Simon)
, Anne-Catherine Simon
30h  3 credits 2q
Optionnal LFIAL1560 General linguistics : semantics and pragmatics   Elisabeth Degand
30h  3 credits 1q
Optionnal LCOMU1212 Approches qualitatives en information et communication   Gérard Derèze
15h+10h  5 credits 1q
Optionnal LCOMU1127 Informatique, communication et multimédia   Thibault Philippette
20h+10h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal LCOMU1121 General Semiotics   Philippe Verhaegen
22.5h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal LCOMU1327 Méthodes d'évaluation d'un dispositif médiatique   22.5h  5 credits 1q
Mandatory LCOMU1316 Approches sémiotiques en communication   Philippe Verhaegen
15h+10h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal LCOMU1312 Technologies and Communication   Antonin Descampe (compensates Benoît Macq)
, Lionel Detry
, Benoît Macq
22.5h+10h  5 credits 1q
Optionnal LCOMU1322 Media and Communication Law   François Jongen
30h  4 credits 1q
Optionnal LNEER1212 Dutch for Arts Students - Intermediate level   Hilde Bufkens (coord.)
60h  4 credits 1 + 2q
Optionnal LNEER1111 Dutch language and culture   Katrien De Rycke (coord.)
60h  5 credits 1 + 2q
Optionnal LANGL1212 English for Arts Students. An intermediate course   Catherine Avery
, Stéphanie Brabant
, Jean-Luc Delghust (coord.)
60h  4 credits 1 + 2q
Optionnal LANGL1111 English: Language & Culture   Estelle Dagneaux (coord.)
, Céline Gouverneur
, Claudine Grommersch
, Ariane Halleux (compensates Céline Gouverneur)
, Brigitte Loosen
45h  5 credits 1 + 2q
Optionnal LANGL1313 Interactive English Communication   Philippe Denis (coord.)
30h  3 credits 1 + 2q