1st annual unit

lafr1ba  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

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Note: Following the reform of Bachelors degree programmes in the Faculty, students who have already enrolled in 2017-2018 and gained at least 45 credits will take a transition programme. Further information is available on the Faculty intranet: https://intranet.uclouvain.be/fr/myucl/facultes/fial/programmes-de-transition.html

Mandatory Major
Mandatory General training

Most of the general training courses in the first semester of the first year of the Bachelor¿s programme are common to all students in the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters. This makes it easier to change to another programme in the Faculty at the end of this semester.  

Mandatory LFIAL1130 Comparative Approach of European Literatures   Amaury Dehoux
, Paul Deproost
, Guido Latre
, Hubert Roland (coord.)
30h  3 credits 1q
Mandatory LFIAL1140 Concepts of history of art, archaeology and musicology   Marco Cavalieri
, Joël Roucloux
, Brigitte Van Wymeersch
30h  3 credits 1q
Mandatory LFIAL1155 Introduction to History (Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Contemporary)   Paul Bertrand (coord.)
, Silvia Mostaccio
, Françoise Van Haeperen
, Laurence Van Ypersele
45h  4 credits 1q
Mandatory LFIAL1190 Introduction to Philosophy   Jean-Michel Counet
45h  5 credits 1q
Mandatory LFIAL1530 Introduction to Language Science   Philippe Hambye
, Philippe Hambye (compensates Anne-Catherine Simon)
, Anne-Catherine Simon
30h  3 credits 2q
Mandatory LFIAL1430 Critical Examination of Information and Critical Thinking   Jean Leclercq
, Laurence Van Ypersele
45h+10h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory One religious sciences course
Optionnal LTECO1210 Questions of Religious Sciences: Biblical Readings   Geert Van Oyen
15h  2 credits 1q
Optionnal LTECO1220 Questions of Religious Sciences: Reflections about Christian Faith   Jean Leclercq
15h  2 credits 1q
Optionnal LTECO1230 Questions of Religious Sciences: Questions about Ethics   Serge Maucq
15h  2 credits 2q
Mandatory Ancient Languages and Literatures : Latin
Mandatory LGLOR1142 Basics of Latin Grammar   Jean Lempire
30h+15h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LGLOR1143 Latin language I   Lambert Isebaert
30h+15h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LFIAL1421 Antiquity History   Christophe Flament (compensates Françoise Van Haeperen)
, Françoise Van Haeperen
22.5h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory One of following courses

Only students who have taken four hours of Latin for the last four years of secondary education, or who have passed the entry test, may take LFIAL1181. LFIAL1180 is open to all.  

Optionnal LFIAL1180 Begining Latin   Alain Meurant
30h+30h  5 credits 1q
Optionnal LFIAL1181 Auteurs latins  

For the practical exercise sessions, 15 hours, either Classical or Medieval Latin

Eric Delaissé (compensates Paul Deproost)
, Paul Deproost
30h+15h  5 credits 1q
Mandatory Modern languages and literatures : French
Mandatory LROM1100 History of French Literature from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution   Olivier Delsaux (compensates Tania Van Hemelryck)
, Agnès Guiderdoni
, Tania Van Hemelryck (coord.)
, Damien Zanone
60h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LROM1111 Linguistics: Proficiency and Analysis of Standard French   Olivier Delsaux
30h+15h  5 credits 1 + 2q
Mandatory LROM1160 Critical Analysis of Texts: Poetry in French   Laurent Robert (compensates Damien Zanone)
, Damien Zanone
30h+15h  5 credits 2q