min-lcrim100i  2017-2018 


Registering for the minor

1 Organizational details
Minor course take place during the day on Tuesday morning, Wednesday and Thursday all day and Friday morning.

2 Admission to the minor
See the Admission Requirements

3 Registering for the minor and checks on the registration form 
The registration via internet enables to enchaining directly with the listing option (the student must be registered in BAC2 before enrolling an option).
If this method is not used, the student has access to the registration option via its virtual office (UCL access the portal, login, click on "my office").
The student who begins again his BAC2 is automatically re-registered.

Upon registration in the third year of baccalaureate, students are automatically enrolled in the second part of the option followed in the second year (BAC2). It is the same for students retaking their third year of the Bachelor.

Any request for an exception to this rule must be submitted to the academic advisor of the bachelor program followed.

4 Checks on registration forms for the minor 
Checks are carried out by the "conseiller aux etudes (" (course adviser) from the faculty of origin.

5 Changes to the registration for the minor
Should you wish to make any changes to the registration, please consult the "conseiller aux etudes (" (course adviser) from the faculty of origin. 

Course timetable

1 Consulting the course timetable :

2 Resolving possible timetable clashes using an equivalence table
For any changes to a standard minor program where there is a timetable clash, the student must first obtain the agreement of the "conseiller aux etudes" (course adviser) from his faculty of origin and permission from the academic responsible for the minor in criminology. 

Registration form for minor activities

1 Information on requirements
This point is not applicable to this minor.

2 Registration for activities on the minor programme
To access the IT application program to register for minor program activities, use the following page (

3 Obtaining the "visa" from the person in charge of the minor
This point is not applicable to the minor.

Available support

1 Information on the course service 
Most support systems can be obtained from the DUC.

2 Consulting the table on support available for each activity   
The supports availables for each activity are specified in the course descriptions (

How exams are organized

1 Registering for exams
Students enrolled in a minor in criminology must register for exams at the Faculty of origin.
In order to register for the oral exams for the minor in criminology, the student is asked to consult the bulletin board of the Ecole de Criminologie (Hall of the Faculty of LAw and Criminology - bulletin board located near More 57) or the Ecole de Criminologie's site (

The student must then check the final exam time. The dates when the final exam dates will be posted up are indicated on the paper valves and on the electronic valves (

2 Checking exam times
You can check exam times at the following address: (