Learning outcomes

min-lcrim100i  2017-2018 

The minor in criminology includes 30 credits, spread over the second and third years of the Bachelor program.

  • The minor in criminology invites students to examine crime, deviance, marginality and the way society monitors these issues as well as introducing them to the basic disciplines of criminology.  
  • The minor offers students of legal sciences, political and social sciences, psychological and educational sciences and medical sciences an additional period of training in an field close to their own.  
  • It could be the prompt a student needs to change his/her study path and, in this case, reduces the number of mandatory lessons to take in the first year of the Masters in criminology.

Students choosing the minor giving access to master in criminology aim to develop and acquire a base of knowledge and skills comprising the fundamental aspects in each of the disciplines constituting the criminology, a different discipline from that of the major, thereby meeting the requirements, if the student so wishes, for direct access to the Master in criminology.

On successful completion of this programme, each student is able to :

1. With the robustness required by the discipline, display command of the basic theories (knowledge, concepts, tools, etc.) in the principal disciplines constituting the criminology, which
are essential requirements for a (re)orientation to a Master in master in criminology.

2. Display possession and command of the scientific research approach (research methodology) specific to the criminology, essential requirements for a (re)orientation to a Master in criminology.

3. Demonstrate a capacity for a line of reasoning specific to the criminology with the rigour required by the discipline.

4. Understand, question, analyse, discuss and resolve a question-problem in criminology, with the rigour required by the discipline, calling on the pertinent disciplinary and methodological foundations.

5. Develop a critical and reflective interpretation and analysis specific to the criminology with the robustness required by the discipline.