Course prerequisites

antr2m  2016-2017  Louvain-la-Neuve

A document entitled en-prerequis-2016-antr2m.pdf specifies the activities (course units - CU) with one or more pre-requisite(s) within the study programme, that is the CU whose learning outcomes must have been certified and for which the credits must have been granted by the jury before the student is authorised to sign up for that activity.

These activities are identified in the study programme: their title is followed by a yellow square.

As the prerequisites are a requirement of enrolment, there are none within a year of a course.

The prerequisites are defined for the CUs for different years and therefore influence the order in which the student can enrol in the programme’s CUs.
In addition, when the panel validates a student’s individual programme at the beginning of the year, it ensures the consistency of the individual programme:
- It can change a prerequisite into a corequisite within a single year (to allow studies to be continued with an adequate annual load);
- It can require the student to combine enrolment in two separate CUs it considers necessary for educational purposes.

For more information, please consult regulation of studies and exams.