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Study programme 2014-2015

Teaching and training

 During the first year of the Master’s programme, students have the opportunity to specialize in one or two functional or multidisciplinary areas in management by taking 2 option courses worth 15 ECTS each: one in the first semester and one in the second. They can select option courses offered by both of our campuses: Louvain-la-Neuve and Mons. Students’ mobility from one campus to another has been taken into account by concentrating at least three courses from a single option on a single day in the week.

Students selected for the interdisciplinary CPME programme (oriented "small and middle business starting up") must take the 30 ECTS of the CPME specialization, instead of the 2 option course worth 15 ECTS.

Student selected during the first year for an exchange programme, will take 30 ECTS during their term abroad (1st semester of the second year). Students who do not take part in an exchange programme must take 30 ECTS at the LSM and they can choose among a dedicated portfolio.

Selected students have the possibility of being admitted to one of LSM international programmes:
- Student selected during the first year for the CEMS-MIM programme, will follow a dedicated programme which includes one (or even two) semester abroad in one of the CEMS partner School, a Business Project and an internship abroad. (LSM is the only Belgian School to offer the CEMS-MIM programme.)
- Students selected during the first year for one of the LSM double degree programmes, will spend their second year studying at the partner university, thereby gaining a double degree.
- Students selected for the International Business programme will spend their second year abroad (outside the EU): one semester studying in a partner university
and one semester doing an internship in an international company.

GEST Options - 1st Term

> LLN - Finance 1 : Asset Management
> LLN - Finance 2 : Governance and control
> MONS - Asset Management
> LLN - Strategic Marketing
> MONS - Marketing Decisions
> MONS - Marketing Communication
> LLN - Human Resources and organisations 1
> LLN - European Business I
> LLN - Economics of Strategy and Innovation
> MONS - Audit & Accounting I
> MONS - Audit & Accounting IV
> MONS - Audit & Accounting III

Interuniversity Mobility Option - 1st Term

> NAMUR - Management Services 1 : Functional Aspects
> ICHEC - North-South development and Management
> ICHEC - Taxation

GEST Options - 2nd Term

> LLN - Ethics in Business : Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)
> LLN - Finance 3 : Corporate Finance
> LLN - Finance 4 : Risk Management
> LLN - Special Issues Marketing
> MONS - Marketing 2 : Marketing & Consumer Marketing
> LLN - Management Research
> MONS - Finance 2 : Risk Management
> LLN - Innovation 2 : Innovation in the Knowledge Economy
> LLN - Human Resources and organisations II
> LLN - European Business II
> LLN - E-Business
> LLN - Sourcing and Procurement : GSK Biologicals Partnership
> LLN - International Business
> MONS - Audit & Accounting II
> MONS - Supply Chain : Logistics and Transportation

Interuniversity Mobility Option - 2nd Term

> NAMUR - Managment Services 2 : Cross-cuting aspects
> LLN - Entrepreneurship - CPME
> Exchange or COURSES