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Study programme 2014-2015

Teaching and training

Welcome in the program study of UCL 2014-2015

At Louvain-la-Neuve - 120 credits - 2 years - Day schedule - In french
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES - Internship : optional
Activities in English: YES Activities on other sites : optional
Organized by: Louvain School of Management (LSM)
Programme code: GEST2M - European Qualifications Framework (EQF): 7


This master prepares you for management positions in private and public organisations. It develops your abilities to:

  1. integrate the theories and concepts of management for their effective and controlled application in a professional universe;
  2. situate organisations in their socio-economic and institutional context, in order to understand the interdependencies between organisation and environment and translate them into management decisions;
  3. integrate the realities of international competition into "socially responsible" management practices.

-->List of course materials List of course materials

--> Brochure Brochure Master in Management 120

--> The Master in Management, "Financial Management Track" and the double degree LSM-ICHEC  

Your profile


  • have a bachelor degree in economics and/or management and you wish to strengthen your managerial skills;
  • you wish to be enterprising and transform initiatives into economic or social realities;
  • you seek decision-making and managerial positions;
  • you strive for excellence in national and international management.

Your future job

Entrepreneurial ability, the capacity to transform initiatives into economic realities, to organise these activities and ensure their continuity, to find the necessary resources and adequately combine them: these are the skills that one expects from those wishing to assume responsibilities in the management of companies.
Our graduates can be found in the highest corporate management positions, as well as in consultancy, auditing, banking, industry (production and operations management) and environmental management.

Your programme

During the course of this master, you will develop the skills necessary for mastering the complex and varied realities that companies encounter in the knowledge economy.

  • You will learn to model and formalise management problems and situations;
  • you will integrate the technological processes and master their application in the industrial world;
  • you will strengthen your language skills by taking a part of the courses in English;
  • you will be able to take a quarter of courses in one of the 130 partner universities;
  • you will have the possibility, exclusive in Belgium, to be selected to complete your programme with the degree of Master´s in International Management (CEMS);
  • you will be able to have the opportunity to take the second master year abroad either within the framework of the IB (International Business) programme which provides for an exchange stay in a university partner and the performance of a 6-month traineeship in a company outside the European Union, or by applying for a double degree organised with our partner universities;
  • you will be able to integrate the specialisation in "entrepreneurship" (CPME training) or that in environmental management;
  • you will be able to expand your choice of options thanks to the offer in the areas of expertise on the two campuses of the LSM.