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Study programme 2013-2014

Teaching and training

The bachelor's of Dental Science represents 180 credits : a basic training course of 60 credits (1st year) and a specialised training course of 120 credits (2nd and 3rd year).
The first year of the bachelor's provides a basic grounding in the fundamental scientific disciplines. It is, to a large extent, common to the other training courses in Health Science. The scientific studies from the 2nd and 3rd years on, aim at the acquisition of knowledge indispensable for the comprehension of human physiopathology and more particularly in the oro-facial sphere, by integrating fundamental clinical subject areas. From the beginning of the second year, an introduction to Dental Sciences is followed by clinical sessions and specific practical tasks. 
Special programme organisation 
The 1st year study cycle in Medecine and in Dental Sciences is structured in two parts : the first part is the so-called "orientation," selection year, comprising 60 credits ; the second part comprises 120 credits. 
Principal Subjects 
1st year course content 
General and Organic Chemistry - Experimental Physics - General Biology - Cytology and Histology - Philosophy - General Functional Anatomy - Dental Anatomy - English.
2nd and 3rd year course content 
Biochemistry - Physiology - Cellular Biology- Microbiology - Immunology - Psychology - Histology - Embryology - Head and Neck Anatomy - English - Work experience.
Physiopathology - Pathological Anatomy - Pharmacology - Microbiology - Dental Surgery - Endodonty - Prosthesics - Surgical Pathologies - Parodontology - Radiology - Prevention - Epidemiology - Professional Organisation and Ergonomics.