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Study programme 2013-2014

Teaching and training

Decree of March 31st 2004 defining higher education and favoring the integration of higher education and university refinancing in the European area)
The admission conditions must be fulfilled at the time of enrolment at university.



General Conditions

Except as otherwise provided by other special legal provisions and with a view to obtaining the academic degree that recognises them, admission to undergraduate courses is granted to students with either:

  • A certificate of Further Secondary Education issued from the academic year 1993–1994 by a fully fledged secondary education establishment or a school of Continuing Education in the French Community and approved by the Board created for that purpose, and holders of the same certificate issued from the 1994 calendar year by the education board of the French Community;
  • or a certificate of Further Secondary Education issued not later than the end of the school year 1992–1993 accompanied, for admission to degree-length undergraduate studies, by a proficiency diploma giving access to higher education;
  • or a diploma issued by a higher education establishment of the French Community recognising an academic degree, or a diploma issued by a university institution or an establishment dispensing full-time higher education under previous legislation;
  • or a higher education certificate issued by a improvement courses establishment;
  • a pass certificate for one of the entrance examinations co-ordinated by the higher education establishments or by a French Community education board and whose curricula are approved by the Government after consultation, according to the sector, with the Interuniversity Council of the French Community (Conseil interuniversitaire de la Communauté française – CIUF) or the General Council of the Hautes Ecoles (Conseil général des Hautes Ecoles – CGHE); this certificate gives admission to studies in relevant sectors or fields;
  • or a diploma, certificate or secondary school certificate similar to those mentioned above issued by the Flemish Community (this certificate does not give exemption from the French Language Proficiency exam), by the German-speaking Community or the Royal Military School;
  • of a diploma, certificate or secondary school certificate outside Belgium and recognised as equivalent to those mentioned above.

Requests for equivalence must be submitted to the Service des équivalences of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the French Community of Belgium before 15 July 2013.

Notes: the two following certificates are automatically recognised as equivalent to the Certificate of Upper Secondary Education (Certificat d'enseignement secondaire superieur – CESS): the European baccalaureat issued by the High Council of European Schools; the international baccalaureate issued by the International Baccalaureat Office, Geneva.

However, neither certificate automatically gives exemption from the French Language Proficiency exam;

  • or a proficiency diploma giving access to higher education (diplôme d’aptitude à accéder à l’enseignement supérieur – DAES) conferred by the French Community examination board.

Exam of knowledge of the French language

Anyone not demonstrating sufficient French language proficiency will not be admitted to the first-year undergraduate examinations.

Special Conditions

 In the event of the divergence between the different linguistic versions of the present conditions, the French version shall prevail