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Bachelor in Psychology and Education: General [180.0] - PSP1BA


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This programme provides foundational training in Psychology and the Sciences of Education. It teaches the skills that are necessary to analyse the complexity of human behaviour, relationships and situations with respect to their biological and socio-cultural dimensions. In order to embark on the master's programme of his choice, the student will have to be able to : 
  • acquire knowledge of the relevant facts (biological, psychological, socio-cultural and philosophical), and the concepts and theories necessary to carry out this type of analysis
  • develop the skills necessary to a critical analysis of their implications and how this knowledge can be used with the persons involved
  • carry out a personal training project, including group work
  • master oral and written forms of communication, in French and in English
  • master the methods and techniques relevant to the professional practice chosen
  • carry out a research project in the domain
  • become familiar with the field (a first contact on the professional field is integrated in the 3rd year project, in except for Speech Therapy). 

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Course evaluation will take the form of written exams organised during the sessions, whilst the task-based part may involve ongoing assessment during the year. A final formative evaluation will be carried out during practical exercises, group work and for individual projects.
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