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MandatoryGeneral and general-purpose formation (82credits)

MandatoryCourses of Mathematics (32credits)
Mandatory LMAT1111B

General Mathematics Marino Gran, Emmanuel Hanert, Augusto Ponce, Jean Van Schaftingen, Michel Willem45h + 30h 7credits 1q x  
Mandatory LMAT1111E

General Mathematics Marino Gran, Emmanuel Hanert, Augusto Ponce, Jean Van Schaftingen, Michel Willem30h + 22.5h 5credits 2q x  
Mandatory LBIR1200

General mathematics II Pierre Bieliavsky52.5h + 37.5h 6credits 1q  x 
Mandatory LBIR1203

Probabilities and statistics (I) Patrick Bogaert30h + 15h 4credits 1q  x 
Mandatory LSINF1250

Mathematics for computer science Gildas Avoine30h + 15h 7credits 2q  x 
Mandatory LBIR1304

Probability and statistics (II) Patrick Bogaert22.5h + 22.5h 3credits 1q   x

MandatoryScientific and technical Courses (10credits)
Mandatory LSINF1140

Electronic bases of computer science Marc Lobelle30h + 30h 6credits 2q x  
Mandatory LELEC1930

Intoduction to telecommunication Jérôme Louveaux30h + 15h 4credits 2q   x

MandatoryHuman sciences Courses (9credits)
Mandatory LECGE1317

Organisational Theory Matthieu de Nanteuil30h 4credits 1q   x
Mandatory LCOPS1124

Philosophy Nathalie Frogneux, Danielle Lories, Nicolas Monseu30h 5credits 1q x  

MandatoryCourses of Economy (15credits)
Mandatory LECGE1115

Political Economics Paul Belleflamme, Pierre Dehez (coord.), Nathalie Gilson, Jean Hindriks45h + 15h 5credits 1q x  
Mandatory LECGE1212

Macroeconomics Fabio Mariani45h + 15h 5credits 1q  x 
Mandatory LECGE1222

Microeconomics Pierre Dehez, François Maniquet45h + 15h 5credits 1q  x 

MandatoryCourses of Management (10credits)
Mandatory LECGE1113

Accounting I Karine Cerrada Cristia, Yannick de Harlez de Deulin, Yves De Rongé, Michel De Wolf (coord.)45h + 15h 5credits 1q x  
Mandatory LESPO1122

Foundations of Law Nicolas Bonbled, Jérôme De Brouwer, Céline Romainville, Kris Wauters40h 5credits 1q x  

MandatoryLanguage Courses (6credits)
Mandatory LANGL1370

English: reading comprehension Céline Gouverneur30h 3credits 2q x  
Mandatory LANGL1372

English for Computer Scientists Albert Verhaegen30h 3credits 2q  x 

MandatoryFormation in Computing (68credits)
Mandatory LSINF1101

Introduction to programming Olivier Bonaventure, Charles Pecheur30h + 30h 6credits 1q x  
Mandatory LSINF1102

Problem solving using computers Gildas Avoine 0h + 60h 7credits 1q x  
Mandatory LSINF1103

Algorithmics Pierre Dupont30h + 30h 6credits 2q x  
Mandatory LSINF1121

Algorithmics and data structures Pierre Dupont30h + 30h 5credits 1q   x
Mandatory LSINF1225

Object-oriented design and data management Kim Mens30h + 30h 5credits 2q  x 
Mandatory LSINF1252

Computer Systems 1 Olivier Bonaventure30h + 30h 5credits 2q  x 
Mandatory LINGI1101

Discrete mathematics: logical foundations of computing science Axel Van Lamsweerde30h + 30h 5credits 1q   x
Mandatory LINGI1113

Computer systems 2 Marc Lobelle30h + 30h 5credits 2q   x
Mandatory LINGI1122

Program conception methods Baudouin Le Charlier30h + 30h 5credits 2q   x
Mandatory LINGI1123

Computability and complexity Yves Deville30h + 30h 5credits 2q   x
Mandatory LINGI1131

Computer language concepts Peter Van Roy30h + 30h 5credits 1q   x
Mandatory LFSAB1402

Informatics 2 Peter Van Roy30h + 30h 5credits 1q  x 
Mandatory LFSAB1509

Project 4 (in Computer Science) Yves Deville22.5h + 22.5h 4credits 2q   x

MandatoryMinors and choice courses (30credits)
The student completes his formation with the additional module in computer sciences, a minor of opening or by proposing a program of choice courses, in the approval of the committee of program in computing sciences.

Option in 2nd year  (in French) N. 15credits   x 

Option in 3rd year  (in French) N. 15credits    x
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