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General presentation of the programme

The student who enrols in the bachelor's programme in Computer Science will follow a programme of 180 credits, usually spread over 3 years. This programme entitles access to the corresponding master's programme in Computer Science, which is a programme of 120 credits, usually spread over 2 years.
The programme includes a major of 150 credits and a minor of 30 credits. 
  • The major consists of a set of polyvalent courses of 82 credits in total and a set of Computer Science courses of 68 credits.  The general polyvalent formation comprises a solid training in Economics, Management and Human Sciences (34 credits) as well as in Mathematics (32 credits).
  • Regarding the minor, UCL university proposes a large variety of minors in sciences (statistics, scientific culture,...) as well as in human sciences (philosophy, economy,...).  For more details, please consult the following web-page : http://www.uclouvain.be/programme-mineures.html.  As an alternative to a minor, subject to the approval of the Committee for the Bachelor in Computer Science, the student can choose a coherent set of optional courses offered at UCL.  Whereas, some minors are freely accessible by any student, some others are subject to certain accessibility conditions.  When a student would like to access a minor but encounters certain problems, he or she is advised to contact his or her student counsellor.

The principal subjects addressed in this programme are :

  • Computer Science - 68 credits 
  • Mathematics- 32 credits 
  • Economics and Management - 25 credits 
  • Science and Techniques - 10 credits 
  • Human Sciences - 9 credits 
  • English - 6 credits 
  • Minor - 30 credits 

The computer-science courses adhere to those of the standard curricula proposed by international standard organisations in the domain (ACM and IEEE).


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