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Networking and Security [30.0]

This option cannot be validated together with the options « Cryptography and information security » or « Communication Networks ». Students are however allowed to choose elective courses among these other options.

Students who have attended the "Networking and security" option should be able to :
 Understand and explain the various devices and protocols used in computer network
 Design, configure and manage computer networks by taking into account the need of the application
 Identify the major classes of distributed applications and parallels, the raised issues and the solutions to bring
 Carry out applications distributed by implementing the means and appropriate techniques
 Understand the characteristics of distributed systems: parallelism, synchronisation, communication, synchronisation, models of misconduct and threats
 Be able to use techniques, algorithms and adapted languages to design, to model and to analyse distributed applications
 Understand and implement mechanisms (cryptography, protocols, ...) to secure networks and distributed systems.

Mandatory Optional
Courses not taught this academic year Periodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic year Two year courses

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The student shall select 30 credits from amongst

MandatoryCompulsory courses in Networking and Security25 credits among
Mandatory LINGI2142

Computer networks: configuration and management  Olivier Bonaventure 30h + 30h  5credits  2q  x x
Mandatory LINGI2143

Concurrent systems : models and analysis  Charles Pecheur 30h + 15h  5credits  1q  x x
Mandatory LINGI2144

Secured systems engineering  Gildas Avoine 30h + 15h  5credits  1q  x x
Mandatory LINGI2346

Distributed application design  Marc Lobelle 30h + 15h  5credits  1q  x x
Mandatory LINGI2347

Computer system security  Gildas Avoine 30h + 15h  5credits  2q  x x

MandatoryElective courses in Networking and Security
The student shall select one course from amongst
Optional LINGI2315

Design of Embedded and real-time systems  Jean-Didier Legat, Marc Lobelle 30h + 30h  5credits  2q  x x
Optional LINGI2348

Information theory and coding  Jérôme Louveaux, Benoît Macq (coord.), Olivier Pereira 30h + 15h  5credits  2q  x x
Optional LSINF2345

Languages and algorithms for distributed applications  Peter Van Roy 30h + 15h  5credits  2q  x x
Optional LMAT2450

Cryptography  Olivier Pereira 30h  5credits  1q  x x
Optional LINMA2470

Discrete stochastic models   (in French) Philippe Chevalier 30h + 22.5h  5credits  1q  x x
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