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Core courses

Mandatory Optional
Courses not taught this academic year Periodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic year Two year courses

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The student shall select33 credits among
Mandatory LINGI2990

Travail de fin d'études  (in French) Axel Van Lamsweerde   28credits      x

MandatoryReligion courses for student in exact sciences
The student shall select2 credits among
Optional LTECO2100

Questions of religious sciences: biblical readings  Bernard Van Meenen 15h  2credits  1q  x x
Optional LTECO2200

Questions of religious sciences: reflections about christian faith  Dominique Martens 15h  2credits  2q  x x
Optional LTECO2300

Questions of religious sciences: questions about ethics  Philippe Cochinaux 15h  2credits  1q  x x

MandatoryComputing seminars
The student shall select 3 credits from amongst
Optional LINGI2359

Software engineering seminar  Kim Mens, Axel Van Lamsweerde 30h  3credits  2q    x
Optional LINGI2349

Network and communication seminar  Gildas Avoine, Olivier Bonaventure 30h  3credits  2q    x
Optional LINGI2369

Artificial intelligence seminar  Yves Deville 30h  3credits  2q    x
Optional LINGI2379

Machine learning seminar  Pierre Dupont (coord.), Michel Verleysen 30h  3credits  2q    x
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