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Master [120] of arts in French and Romance Languages and Literatures : French as a Second Language - FLE2M


Retour en début de pageStudy objectives

This degree meets two distinct, but complementary, objectives, by offering in-depth training addressing either French-speaking communities or the teaching of French as a foreign language (FLE) or second language (FLS).

Our cultural and linguistic experience varies depending on whether we speak French in Namur, Québec, Lyon or Cotonou. The approximately 170 million francophones, spread cross five continents, are the people who make up la francophonie or, better still, les francophonies. This course offers the student the chance to tackle this new subject matter from an interdisciplinary point of view, by focusing on linguistic and literary approaches as well as examining political and institutional issues.

The second aspect of the course is geared towards the student gaining knowledge in concepts, operations or strategies, teaching means and focuses which are vital when building up the teaching skills needed for FLE/S. Its stresses the importance of the culture of those whom the teacher will be teaching. Theory courses are alternated with more practical vocational courses, as well as internships in language schools.

The programme does not lead to the student obtaining the 'Agrégation de l’enseignement secondaire supérieur' (AESS). However, combined with the AESS (langues et littératures françaises et romanes), this master authorises students to teach French as a foreign and second language (with the title 'suffisant' but not 'requis').

Retour en début de pageGeneral presentation of the programme

The programme is made up of :
 ♦ core courses (75 credits), made up of :
- 28 dissertation credits and 2 credits for the accompanying seminar;
- 35 credits in shared courses;
- 10 credits in one of the two programmes of study offered (French as a foreign language or 'Francophonies');
 ♦ a research focus (30 credits) as a continuation of the programme of study 'Francophonies' or a professional focus (30 credits) in teaching French as a foreign language;
 ♦ and one option or optional course (15 credits).

Wathever the focus or the options chosen, the programme of this master shall totalise 120 credits, spread over two years of studies each of 60 credits

Core courses

One focus among the following focuses :

Options or optional courses

One of the two following courses :

Retour en début de pagePositioning of the programme

Other accessible masters :
At the end of the master 120, each focus in the Master in French and Romance Languages and Literatures : French as a Second Language, can be obtained in a new year of 30 credits only.

Teacher Training Certificate (upper secondary education) :
The programme of the Teacher Training Certificate (upper secondary education) - French and Romance Languages and Literatures [30.0] is only directly accessible to students who hold a Master in French and Romance Languages and Literatures : General.

Additional training (to be defined depending on the student's curriculum) is indispensable for the holder of the Master in French and Romance Languages and Literatures : French as a Second Language.

Accessible doctoral training :
- 'École doctorale en Langues et lettres';
- 'École doctorale thématique en didactique du français, des langues, des littératures et des cultures'.
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