Acteurs et territoires [25.0]

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MandatoryCours au choix (15credits)
15 crédits parmi
Optional DVLP2310

Gender and development  (in French) Sophie Charlier, Sophie Charlier (supplée Isabel Yépez Del Castillo), Isabel Yépez Del Castillo30h 5credits 1q x
Optional DVLP2160

Development, environment and societies: Thorough analysis  (in French) Daniel Tyteca, Jean-Marie Wautelet30h 5credits 1q x
Optional OPES2155

Design and economic evaluation of policies and projects  (in French) Muriel Dejemeppe, Muriel Fonder (supplée Muriel Dejemeppe), André Nsabimana, William Parienté, Béatrice Van Haeperen (supplée Bruno Van der Linden), Bruno Van der Linden30h 5credits  x
Optional DVLP2335

Actors and territories: integrated approaches  (in French) Pierre Defourny, Etienne Verhaegen, Etienne Verhaegen (supplée Isabel Yépez Del Castillo), Isabel Yépez Del Castillo30h 5credits 2q x
Optional DVLP2675

Global and local dynamics of development - environment inter-actions  (in French) Bernard Declève, Etienne Verhaegen30h 5credits 2q x
Mandatory DVLP2904

Mémoire (partie II)  (in French) N. 10credits  x
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