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The Advanced Master in Development, Environment and Communities is designed to provide a specialized professional qualification in the field of development.

Its objective is the study of the development of society from an interdisciplinary perspective. It involves appreciating development processes in their environmental contexts, with emphasis on the actions of the players involved.

This programme benefits from close inter-university collaboration between the institutions which, in the context of the French-speaking Community, make particular use of this interdisciplinary approach to development and its interaction with the environment.

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This programme is made up of 240 hours of class, seminars, individual exercises and work worth 45 credits, in additional to a final assignment of 15 credits (5 credits for the core subjects in the first semester and 10 credits in the centre responsible for the special subject area chosen by each student). The courses available mostly reflect the main areas of the syllabus and the research programmes of the different research centres involved. The Advanced Master lasts one year but may be spread over a maximum of two academic years.  

It comprises training common to all students and a themed course in one of the partner institutions. A residential overview seminar held at the end of the programme involving all the participants and lecturers. Supervision of the dissertation is taken on by an inter-university committee.

The dissertation is done in the research team where students have done their special subject activities. The programme may be extended for up to two years for students who wish to do their dissertation based on research which requires several months of field work.

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