Research seminar in demography

LDEMO2150  2016-2017  Louvain-la-Neuve

Research seminar in demography
5.0 credits
30.0 h

Bocquier Philippe ; Rizzi Ester Lucia ;
Main themes

The seminar starts with an in-depth and detailed discussion on the research methods in social sciences:
Method of synthesis of the literature
definition of complex concepts,
formulating hypotheses
building of indicators,

Each stage is considered according to three big approach data analysis: the statistical approach for the quantitative data stemming from big inquiries; the qualitative approach for the narrative data stemming from detailed conversations, from focuses group or from the participating observation; the mixed approach.


Around themes of (research) chosen by the students as their memoryfinal report of research, the workshop teaches the students to:
- acquire a critical approach to scientific literature
- define research questions based on the scientific literature
- build conceptual frameworks
- study thoroughly a population issue
- improve their capacities in written and oral scientific communication.

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Other information
Homework, oral presentation Portfolio of readings Seminar reserved for students of the Master's degree in population and development
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Master [120] in Population and Development Studies