Assessing the effectiveness of a large database of emotion-eliciting films:
A new tool for emotion researchers.

Cognition and Emotion 24(7): 1153-1172.

Schaefer, A.; Nils, F.; Sanchez, X. & Philippot, P. 2010

This website links to a database of brief video clips intended to elicit emotional states in experimental psychology experiments. By clicking on any of the links below, you accept that you will not use this material for commercial purposes. You also accept that any material obtained from this website will be used solely for the purpose of non-profit scientific research approved by an independent ethical committee. In addition, you also accept that you will not reproduce or broadcast this material in any way that might violate copyright laws.


2016/12/07: English version of video clips were added here
2016/11/05: English versions of the emotional stimuli tested by Schaefer et al. (2010), Cognition & Emotion, 24(7), 1153-1172.


Watch and download film clips

Each film clip has a code and a number that can also be found in the spreadsheet (see below) under the labels of “code” and “numero”. The name of some films is followed by a number in brackets. This is intended to differentiate between different excerpts from the same film.

Download complete of french database of film clips ( 1.23Gb)

Download a manuscript explaining the creation and testing of the database 

Download spreadsheet containing film rank scores

Download a file explaining the labels used in the spreadsheet 


Additional data:





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