Friday May 16, 2014

IAP DYSCO Study Day: Dynamical systems, control and optimization


8:30 Registration and Welcome of participants

9:05 Welcome by Philippe Toint, Vice-rector for Research and IT Policy of the University of Namur

9:10 Welcome by the IAP network coordinator Vincent Blondel

9:15 Plenary Lecture 1: Hyperbolic geometry of complex networks by Prof. Marián Boguñá (Department of Fundamental Physics, University of Barcelona)

10:15 Poster session 1 and coffee break

11:30 Short Plenary Lecture 1: Local and global dynamics of complex systems by Jean-Charles Delvenne (UCL)

12:00 Short Plenary Lecture 2: Understanding active network management in 20 minutes by Damien Ernst (ULg)

12:45 Lunch at Arsenal (and meeting of the IAP promoters)

14:00 Plenary Lecture 2: Can cascades be predicted? by Prof. Jure Leskovec (Computer Science Department, Stanford University)

15:00 Poster session 2 and coffee break

16:15 Short Plenary Lecture 3: Engineering controlled quantum systems by Alain Sarlette (UGent)

16:45 Short Plenary Lecture 4: Noise reduction in coarse bifurcation analysis of stochastic agent-based models: an example of consumer lock-in by Giovanni Samaey (KULeuven)

17:15 End


Download the program with abstracts


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