• Workpackage 1 : coordinators P. Van Dooren and W. Michiels
    Large scale data and systems
    1. Large scale optimization
    2. Model reduction
    3. Large scale linear algebra problems
    4. Numerical methods for highly oscillatory problems
    5. Large scale dynamical systems simulation
    6. Biomedical data analysis
    7. Information extraction from very large databases
  • Workpackage 2 : coordinators R. Pintelon and A. Vande Wouwer
    Estimation and modeling
    1. Identification of linear systems
    2. Identification and modeling of nonlinear systems
    3. Fault detection and diagnosis
    4. Experiment design and goal-oriented identification
    5. Connection between control and statistical physics
    6. Uncertainty modeling
    7. Machine learning
    8. Applications
    9. Monitoring of (bio)chemical reactors
    10. Modeling and identification of biochemical processes at macroscopic level
    11. Modeling and identification of biochemical processes at mesoscopic and microscopic levels
  • Workpackage 3 : coordinators R. Sepulchre and D. Aeyels
    Distributed systems, decision, control and communication
    1. Dynamics, communication, and decision in decentralized networks (theory of multi-agent systems)
    2. Analysis, control, and optimization of infinite dimensional systems
    3. Optimization and control of complex distributed systems (application driven: power systems, mechatronics, flood control, communication networks)
    4. Modeling, optimization and control of biochemical processes
    5. Modeling and control of biomedical systems

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