At Louvain-la-Neuve
120 credits - 2 years
Day schedule - In English
Programme acronym: MECA2M
Francophone Certification Framework : 7
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES
Internship : optional
Activities in English: YES
Activities in other languages : YES
Activities on other sites : optional


This program trains students various fields of mechanical engineering: fluid mechanics, analytical and computational applied mechanics, the mechanics of materials and structures, applied dynamics, mechanical production, mechanical engineering design, mechanical manufacturing, and machines (thermal, thermodynamic, and energetic).

Through pedagogical laboratories, case studies, projects and a master’s thesis, you will get hands-on experience, and you will become acquainted with the cutting edge methods used in relevant fields.

You will undertake numerous integrated projects, which will allow you to conceive, model, achieve and validate experimental systems, prototypes and devices.

Your profile


  • Have solid skills in the field of mechanics due to your undergraduate studies
  • Envisage a career in the industrial sector where you will play a role in design and research or in the organization and oversight of production;
  • Wish to use your skills in the following fields: aeronautics, the spatial industry, energy, the metallurgical or plastics industry, the automotive industry, biomechanics, etc.;
  • Seek a programme that will allow you to master scientific, technological and human problems that are linked to the field of mechanics.
Your future job

Mechanical engineers are present in all industrial sectors: the chemical industry, pharmaceutical and food industries, electronics and telecommunications industries, metallurgy, aeronautics, construction and engineering, large scale distribution, banking and consulting services, nanotechnologies and medical technologies, etc.

They play a role as researchers and developers, are responsible for production or management and hold jobs in marketing and sales (of advanced technological products).

We find civil engnieers in departments of finance, information technology, training or quality control, the public sector, higher education, or in the Ministry of equipment and transportation. (

Your programme

This Master’s degree offers you:

  • A versatile education in fields related to mechanical engineering;
  • A vast choice of majors directly related to the latest research advances in the field;
  • Pedagogy that links theory and practice: labs, projects, case studies, etc.;
  • Advanced learning of numerical methods and their applications;
  • The opportunity to undertake an internship in the industrial sector;
  • The possibility of completing a portion of your coursework abroad (in Europe or elsewhere in the world)