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The second edition of the university certificate in econometrics will be launched in February 2017.

This program offers to professionals the opportunity to update their knowledge in the field of quantitative methods by coming on the site of Louvain-La-Neuve to follow advanced courses developing exceptional abilities in econometrics and to acquire specific knowledge in statistical softwares and data analysis.

This training originates from the increasing demand we receive from professionals who are willing to update their knowledge in econometrics. The Economics School of Louvain (ESL) is proud to meet user requirements and to propose a practice-oriented coherent program on general or specific methods, including a personal training and case studies on the STATA® software.

Thanks to our extended alumni network, anoteco value added for participants is to interact with many players of the world economy.

Sébastien Van Bellegem, Academic coordinator of the program.


Benefits of the program
  • University-level training, unique in Belgium, linked to the business world
  • A team of internationally recognized professors
  • Intervention of experts in economic conjecture and policy
  • STATA® specialized software training
  • A solid and wide-ranging base of core subjects providing high-level training for general economists
  • Electives which introduce students to policy evaluation and macro forecasting.
  • A combination of core subjects/ focus/related options that enables future economists to place their analyses in a wider context.


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This program is intended for professionals who use quantitative economic analysis in their job or intend to start a new study program requiring econometrics knowledge.