At Louvain-la-Neuve
120 credits - 2 years
Day schedule - In French
Programme acronym: ROGE2M
Francophone Certification Framework : 7
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES
Internship : optional
Activities in English: optional
Activities in oteco languages : YES
Activities on oteco sites : optional


The Master’s degree provides

  • proficiency in a Germanic language (English, German, Dutch) and a Romance language (French, Spanish, Italian) ;
  • advanced study of the culture, linguistics and literature of the two chosen languages ;
  • the opportunity to develop high level critical and analytical expertise ;
  • specialism in a professional fields where you will be able to make use of your skills.
Your profile


  • have a Bachelor’s degree in modern languages and literatures and wish to deepen your knowledge of two modern languages;
  • have established your liking for literary or linguistic issues and wish to specialise in your chosen fields;
  • wish to undergo high quality training in a stimulating working atmosphere;
  • wish your training to focus on using your skills in a professional environment.
Your programme

You will take your knowledge of the two languages to a high level. By the end of the training, you will reach the European level of ‘Proficient User’ in both languages.

To achieve this objective, your training is practice-focussed : languages courses in the target language, exercises in the language lab, individual work and seminars on advanced issues, writing your dissertation in one of the two languages, opportunity to have a study visit abroad (ERASMUS), etc.