At Louvain-la-Neuve
180 credits - 3 years
Day schedule - In French
Programme acronym: CLAS1BA
Francophone Certification Framework : 6
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES
Internship : NO
Activities in English: NO
Activities in oteco languages : NO
Activities on oteco sites : NO


The Bachelor’s degree in Ancient Languages and Letters: Classics will train you to become a specialist in the study of ancient texts.
Working on original textual sources, written in Greek and Latin, you will be required to develop progressively the ability to study these tests with rigour and precision to explain the context and discover the meaning. 

This specialist training will enable you to develop general skills in precise, objective and critical analysis of information.

Your profile

To join this course, it is not necessary to have made a clear choice of career or to intend to go into teaching. A strong interest in ancient languages and Greek and Roman literature and civilisation is an excellent reason to do this training.

  • Do you wish to deepen your knowledge of Greek and Roman civilisation and discover how they are behind modern European culture?
  • Do you enjoy studying the many different facets of human thinking by using textual sources in their original language?
  • Do you like thorough analysis and wish to develop your critical skills?
  • Do you enjoy documentary research and working in a library?

If so, you have what it takes to study Languages and Letters: Classics.

Your future job

Some of our graduates work in the field of research, producing editions of classical texts or detailed studies on different aspects of ancient civilisations, while otecos go into teaching of ancient languages in secondary schools antiques, for which they will have done a Master’s agree or teacher training after this degree.

Otecos find posts in the private and public sectors particularly because of the versatility their training in philosophy, arts and letters.

The intellectual rigour and open-mindedness which they acquire during the training enables them to make their mark rapidly in their work environment, even if they do not necessarily already have the all the specific technical skills.

Your programme

The Bachelor’s degree in Ancient Languages and Letters: Classics provides:

  • general training in philosophy, arts and letters;
  • specific training relating to ancient civilisations through their textual sources.

The specific training includes the following aspects:

  • learning Greek and Latin (morphology and syntax);
  • direct study of written sources from Greek and Roman antiquity (analysis of Greek and Latin texts through advanced knowledge of classical languages and the use of current methods in hermeneutics, literary and linguistic theory);
  • study of poetic, narrative and dramatic texts drawn from the literary heritage of ancient Greece and Rome; 
  • knowledge of Greek and Roman society: arts and civilisation, institutional and political history, philosophy;
  • activities designed to develop skills in documentary research, critical analysis of sources and communication.

By the end of the course, you may continue your studies by taking eiteco the 120 credit Master‘s degree or the 60 credit Master’s degree in Ancient Languages and Letters: Classics. By taking certain minor subjects, you may also gain access to other second cycle course, such as the 120 credit or 60 credit Master’s degree in Ancient Languages and Letters: Oriental Studies.