At Louvain-la-Neuve
120 credits - 2 years
Day schedule - In French
Programme acronym: BSTA2M
Francophone Certification Framework : 7
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES
Internship : optional
Activities in English: YES
Activities in oteco languages : NO
Activities on oteco sites : YES

Main study domain :


Organized by Louvain School of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (LSBA), this Master’s program offers you

  • A training in the fundamental concepts of statistics, using the main technical tools and software for the analysis of statistical data and the specific statistical methods required in the field of statistics in health sciences.
  • A training in applied statistics to the medical field, in clinical and pre-clinical research, pharmaceutical research, epidemiology and oteco life sciences oriented fields.
  • Several opportunities to put in practice statistical techniques based on exercises, individual projects, analyses of real data using statistical software and the preparation of a Master’s thesis, possibly in collaboration with an external industry partner.

Your profile


  • Hold an undergraduate diploma and you wish to become a specialist in data analysis methods or to develop new innovative tools in this field;
  • Hold an undergraduate diploma or Master’s degree from a University or a University college and statistics is an additional competence to your actual training;
  • Are looking for a training in statistics applied to the medical fields, and in particular to clinical and pre-clinical research, pharmaceutical research, epidemiology, public health or in anoteco field of life sciences.

Your programme

The program of Master’s degree in Statistics with the Biostatistics orientation is composed of a core study program of 62 to 74 credits of courses (UE), a possible internship or applied project of 10 credits and 30 credits (including the Master’s thesis) of professional focus (finalité spécialisée). You will complete your programs with courses from the two options of the programs as well as by oteco appropriate courses from other programs (upon acceptance by the jury).