Programme détaillé

Part I : Fundamentals of Islamic finance (10 hours)
  • Overview, structure and trends in the Islamic finance industry
  • Fundamentals & principles of Islamic finance
  • Basic contracts in Islamic finance
  • Islamic finance, ethical and socially responsible investment
Part II : Ethical finance and Corporate governance in the financial sector (10 hours)
  • Fundamentals & principles of corporate governance applied to financial and “bancassurance” sectors and institutions
  • Ethical and socially responsible management of organisations
  • Ethical and socially responsible Investments
Part III : Sharia Law and Islamic finance (6 hours)
  • Sharia, Fiqh & Islamic schools of law
  • Principles and applications of Islamic contract law
  • Dispute settlement and conflict resolution in Islamic financial issues
 Part IV : Accounting & financial statements for Islamic finance (6 hours)
  • Reporting & auditing standards for and practices of Islamic financial institutions
  • Sharia governance and compliance framework
  • Management and auditing of Islamic financial institutions
Part V: section 1: Retail banking and Shariah compliant banking products (6 hours)
  • Islamic commercial transactions
  • Islamic banking products (Mudarabah, Musharaka, Ijara,…)
  • Consumer finance and credit cards (credit operations)
  • Current, Savings and Investment Accounts
  • Study cases
Part V: section 2 : Insurance in Islamic finance (Takaful) (6 hours)
  • Islamic Insurance: General and Family Takafu
Part VI : Islamic capital markets in Islamic finance (8 hours)
  • General understanding of Islamic capital markets, structures, and market players
  • Sharia Compliant Equity and Debt Securities (Sukuk)
  • Contracts & value propositions of Islamic funds
  • Market indices, rating approaches and performance measures
Part VII : Regulation, supervision and taxation in islamic finance (8 hours)
  • Regulatory and supervisory framework
  • Tax issues of Sharia Compliant Contracts
  • Specific adjustments of transactions according to tax laws
  • Setting up an Islamic financial Institution (e.g. investment fund, home financing institution, takaful operator etc.)
Part VIII : Investment banking in Islamic finance (8 hours)
  • Islamic corporate finance and Islamic funds
  • Sharia compliant project finance: structures, strategies, and valuations
  • Risk Management (incl. Hedging, Derivatives, Liquidity Management)
Part IX : Marketing and communication of Islamic financial and banking products (8 hours)
  • Marketing for Islamic markets
  • Marketing of Islamic financial institutions (IFI’s) and products
  • Communication and branding of IFI’s
  • Business case study: Islamic banking in Non-Muslim markets
Closing round table (4 hours)
Challenges and the future of the Islamic finance industry
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