Programme détaillé

The training contains 2 on-line sessions and one face-to-face session of 4 days.

Module 1 - Online (9-29 September 2019)

Objective: To provide a global vision of cash transfers programming. What, when and why cash transfer? Guiding participants to understand the rationale, principles and risks associated with specifically cash transfer programmes as opposed to more traditional programmes.

Module 2 – Online (30 September - 27 October 2019)

Objective: The aim of this module is to raise awareness of the issues associated with cash transfer programmes and build knowledge of managers who will be responsible for running cash transfer programmes.

Module 3 – Madrid (28 - 31 October 2019)

Objective: Strengthen the capacity in cash transfer programme design and implementation. This module follows the project cycle and addresses the challenges and tools to be put in place at each step of the cash transfer process.