Compulsory courses [33.0]

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Course not taught in 2020-2021 Periodic course not taught in 2020-2021
Periodic course taught in 2020-2021 Activity with prerequisites
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This programme is inter univerisity. The two partners universities are Université de Liège and UCL-Agro-Louvain
Mandatory LDVLP2675 Dynamics of development - environment inter-actions   An Ansoms
30h  3 credits q2
Mandatory LSGED2000 Final Work     15 credits
Mandatory LENVI2005 Changements climatiques: impacts et solutions   Pierre Delmelle
, Philippe Marbaix
, Jean-Pascal van Ypersele de Strihou (coord.)
30h  3 credits q2
Mandatory LSGED2200 Environmental Toxicology for Developping Countries   Cathy Debier (coord.)
, Jean-François Rees
24h  2 credits q2
Mandatory LULG3302 Statistiques appliquées à l'environnement - Introduction à la démarche statistique et statistique univariée     2 credits q1
Mandatory LULG3303 Climatology     2 credits q1
Mandatory LULG3304 -     2 credits q1
Mandatory LULG3310 Sociology of Development and the driving forces behind society in developing countries: economical and cultural viewpoints     2 credits q1
Mandatory LULG3311 Experiences of environmental management in developing countries: one week seminar in a DC   48h  2 credits q2
Mandatory Management tools :
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Minimum 6 credits
Optional LSGED2220 Environmental modelling for Developping Countries   Mathieu Javaux
24h  2 credits q2
Optional LULG3320 Application of teledetection and geographical information systems for environmental management     2 credits q1
Optional LULG3321 Environmental communication     2 credits q1
Optional LULG3323 Food security and early warning systems     2 credits q1
Optional LULG3324 Environmental impact: application in developing countries     2 credits q1
Optional LULG3326 Waste Management     2 credits q1
Optional LULG3344 Conception d''une enquête par questionnaire (partim)   12h  2 credits q2
Optional LULG3351 Introduction aux risques et catastrophes - Une approche holistique     2 credits q1