Programme structure

Having completed your bachelor degree, the Master in Motor Skills: General [120] is a two year programme which offers a wider scope of training in the field of motor skills as well as the possibility of specializing in research or manual therapy or sports physiotherapy. It gives access to doctoral research and to third cycle specializations, for example in osteopathy.
This Master does not grant professional status. However, if candidates already hold the Master in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (M60), they may do the Master in Motor Skills: General (M120) in one year.

Practical learning

During the Master, you will continue, in an intensive way, the training begun in the third year of the first cycle. You will do four months of placement in the university clinics and approved UCL and KUL centers, under the direction of teachers in physiotherapy and rehabilitation and under the supervision of placement directors. You will be able to match your choice of placement to your interests and preferences: hospital departments, outpatient treatment or private practice.


You will be able to develop your knowledge in one of the following areas : technological aids for handicapped people, prevention ofpathologies linked with working conditions and adapted physical activities used as additional therapy.

The dissertation that you will do at the end of the course will also enable you to specialize in an advanced area of physiotherapy or rehabilitation. The dissertation may be an account of a particular issue, through bibliographic research, or be centred on experimental research in the laboratory. You will benefit from close collaboration and a privileged learning relationship with your supervisor.


The Master in Motor Skills: General offers a choice of two focuses of 30 credits. Depending on your interests and your professional project, you can choose to pursue research or manual therapy and sports physiotherapy.


The research focus prepares students for scientific research and provides general training for a career in research. You will make up your programme according to your research project which you will do in a laboratory under the direction of your supervisor. There is a wide choice of possible subjects which can make a contribution to improving understanding of movement as well as practices and techniques designed to restore it.

Manual therapy and sports physiotherapy

The professional focus in manual therapy and physiotherapy builds on the basic university training in physiotherapy. It is centred on different methods of manual therapy and the main techniques for assessing and treating injured athletes. This training will provide you with the theoretical and practical foundations for any intervention you will have to make on patients of all ages and in the context of different pathologies particularly associated with the muscular-skeletal system. You will be able to treat and monitor athletes appropriately according to their level of activity.

For a programme-type, and regardless of the focus, options/or elective courses selected, this master will carry a minimum of 120 credits divided over two annual units, corresponding to 60 credits each.

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> Professional Focus
> Preparatory Module (only for students who qualify for the course via complementary coursework)
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