Programme structure

Length of training programme
The full-time training course lasts at least five years and includes theoretical courses on expertise medecine, a full-time practical training period on pathological anatomy lasting at least 18 months and a practical training period of in legal medecine equivalent to a full-time training course of at least 30 months. The apprenticeship project established by the university promoter must be approved by the ministerialvalidation committee for the speciality. These periods of practical training include being on call.

Organisation of the course
Pathological Anatomy

It is recommended to begin the course by means of a practical training period as a specialist assistant clinician doctor candidate in pathological anatomy, equivalent to a full-time training programme of at least 18 months in one or several recognised practical training services, in conformity with the Ministerial Decree of 26th April 1982 which fixes special recognition criteria for specialist doctors, work experience supervisors and services for the specialisation of pathological anatomy. The
recommended length of this training course in pathological anatomy is from 2 to 3 years.

Legal Medecine
The training programme in Legal Medecine is equivalent to at least 30 months full-time training in one or several recognised practical training centres, in conformity with article 3, and includes, among others, a specific training course on legal clinical medecine, thanatology, toxicology, juridical criminology, penal law and analytical techniques in exploring biological traces. This training programme in Legal Medecine may be followed by a "MACCS" in pathological anatomy during the third year of studies.

Expertise Medecine
The theoretical training in expertise medecine is organised in the form of a university certificate in Expertise Medecine and medicine insurance, equivalent to a full-time training programme of at least 12 months, including a course on responsibility rights, expertise procedure, sequelar propaudeutics within the different medical specialities and the evaluation of corporal damage.