Mobility and/or Internationalisation outlook

As part of their studies, students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy are strongly encouraged to undertake:

  • a study visit for one term (30 credits) in one of the many universities ( with which the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters has concluded partnership agreements, in Europe under the Erasmus+ programme, in Switzerland under the SEMP programme, or elsewhere in the world under the FAME/Mercator programme, or

  • a study visit for one term (30 credits) in one of the partner universities in Flanders, under the Erasmus Belgica programme.

The first term in the third year of the Bachelor’s programme at UCLouvain can thus be substituted with similar courses offered in one of our partner universities.

Students can apply for UCLouvain-funded exchanges during both their Bachelor’s and their Master’s degree. This is a wonderful opportunity and all students are encouraged to seize it!

A period of study abroad is a personal and intellectual experience like no other. The Erasmus exchange is a unique opportunity to discover a different culture and its philosophy.

Our students should note the importance of considering two factors in choosing their destination: (1) the benefit of studying in a language other than their own mother tongue and (2) matching the particular strengths of the host university with their own preferred philosophy.

Furthermore, under the agreement between UCLouvain and KU Leuven, courses may be taken from the KU Leuven programme.

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