Teaching method

The programme has been designed to 

  • maintain a reasonable amount of student activities, compatible with producing a dissertation and training for research which gives adequate preparation for a doctorate
  • promote interdisciplinarity (integrated practical work) and develop scientific communication skills (bibliographic research, presentation of seminars in French and English).

In the Master with the research focus, two schemes for mobility (30 credits) are available :

  • Erasmus-Socrates or Mercator research exchange outside Belgium, or placement in another Belgian institution which may include some courses or practical work (in accordance with agreements to be negotiated with the host institution)
  • a placement (15 credits) in a UCL laboratory different from where the dissertation will be done and additional practical work designed to familiarize students with the main techniques in the different branches of chemistry (15 credits, 180 hour, or 4.5 weeks).

In the Master with a professional focus, the same principle of mobility for 30 or 15 credits applies, preferably for a placement in a Belgian or foreign company.

Students doing the teaching focus may take advanced teaching in biology, mathematics, physical sciences or geography.