Learning outcomes

min-lgce100i  2019-2020 

The main objective of  the " polytechnic " minors organized by the Faculté des Sciences Appliquées is for a student taking the engineering science baccalaureate, should s/he so wish, to acquire, via a major/minor polytechnic combination, basic training in two specialist areas of engineering science, and thus to broaden his/her range of technical skills, or to prepare for a master's in engineering science which spans the basic courses offered at baccalaureate level. .

The multidisciplinary objective of the minor in construction are to allow the student to acquire the majority of basic concepts in the discipline, in particular: 

  • Familiarizing him/herself with the theoretical bases of each discipline (construction, mechanical solids, hydraulics, soil mechanics), at the very least those which are vital to follow the master's course.  
  • Familiarizing him/herself with the basic tools (modelisation, IT, experimental techniques, etc).
  • Mastering simple applications. The student must gain initial practical experience over the course of his/her baccalaureate studies through practical work and basic projects. 
  • Taking a critical approach to the most complex applications and methods which will be revisited on the master's course.  
  • Developing analytical, critical and communication skills.

On successful completion of this programme, each student is able to :

  • Connaître les fondements théoriques de chaque discipline (construction, mécanique des solides, hydraulique, mécanique des sols), du moins ceux qui sont indispensables pour suivre les cours de master.

  • Se familiariser avec les outils de base (modélisation, informatique, techniques expérimentales,...)

  • Maîtriser parfaitement les applications simples de la construction.