Professional Focus [30.0]

kima2m  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

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The goal of the professional focus is to provide students with fundamental knowledge about materials as well as chemical and environmental processes. These courses are normally taken in the first semester of the first annual unit; furthermore they are intended to help students select their subsequent coursework, namely their major courses

Annual block
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Mandatory Contenu:
Mandatory LMAPR2013 Physical Chemistry for Metals and Ceramics   Pascal Jacques
30h+30h  5 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LMAPR2014 Physics of Functional Materials   Xavier Gonze
, Luc Piraux
, Gian-Marco Rignanese
37.5h+22.5h  5 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LMAPR2019 Polymer Science and Engineering   Sophie Demoustier
, Alain Jonas (coord.)
, Evelyne Van Ruymbeke
45h+15h  5 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LMAPR2430 Industrial processes for the production of base chemicals   Juray De Wilde
30h+22.5h  5 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LMAPR2481 Deformation and fracture of materials   Hosni Idrissi
, Thomas Pardoen
30h+30h  5 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LMAPR2647 Sustainable treatment of industrial and domestic waste: Fundamentals   Olivier Françoisse
, Patricia Luis Alconero
, Olivier Noiset
, Benoît Stenuit
30h+15h  5 credits 1q x